Playing Racquetball will Keep You Healthy


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New sports are always emerging in every corner of the world because humans are always creative and innovative. The racquetball has now become the sport that people are trying their hands on. It has been regarded as a “new sport” because it was just invented in 1969. Although it was just recently invented, it started becoming popular that it already has its club called the USA Racquetball Association.

The popularity of the racquetball springs from its flexibility because it is played in an enclosed court that could be played indoors or outdoors. This sport could also be played in every season in a year whether the season is sunny or in winter. You could play the sport by using a racquet that is light, stringed, and short. But you have to use the racquet the will suit you. You should consult with your coach on how to choose a racquetball racquet because they know best on what are your needs. If you have an injury, you need to consult with your physician because a racquet may create more pain when you just bought it without your physician’s advice.

The game requires two people or more with points until 21. There is a set of rules to be followed. Racquetball is known to be a fast-paced game and is packed with so much intensity. There are many health benefits to the players.

According to many players, you should consult with your physicians first when you decide to play the game especially  if you have an underlying medical condition because this sport is very intense. The racquetball facilities also takes care of you because they require you to wear eye protection. You need to wear eye protection because the ball might hit you or a racquet will. Also, wear the racket wrist strap, so that you will not encounter accidental slips during swinging. Lastly, please wear the proper racquetball shoes because it will help you move properly and avoid collisions with the other players. 

The history of the racquetball

Jose Sobek wanted a sport that is fast-paced and easier to learn among all the other ball games in his time. He complained that the balls in his time were so fast. His idea was born when he purchased an ordinary children’s rubber ball and then started collecting them until he was able to accumulate so much balls that started his company in 1950.

He called racquetball as paddleball and paddle racquet at first. Although Sobek revealed that the racquetball was not an original concept, and he just added some features that will make it distinct as his creation. The roots to where the racquetball originated was back in 1910. He added the stringed racquet as part of the racquetball because he wanted to increase the velocity and control.

As a professional tennis and handball player, Sobek didn’t have a problem identifying on what his creation needed. He designed the first strung paddle and also devised the rules. Thus, naming it paddle rackets at first.

Many people said that the sport is really addicting and could absorb any player even if he or she just started playing it. They said that the player will keep on going for more.

What are racquetballs made of?

The racquetballs are made up of two rubber half spheres that are sealed together while slightly pressured to each other. What are racquetballs made up of? Quick answer: rubber. The best thing about the racquetballs is that they are sold in different colors that will actually make you choose the color that will suit your personality. What sets racquetballs apart is that of its size that is actually smaller than a tennis ball and its speed.

This game is actually racquet-based, so you can’t play it without a racquet. You can play the game in an enclosed room, indoor, or outdoor court. You can play this game by using a racquet and a hollow rubber ball.

Whether the day is sunny or rainy, there is no excuse in actually playing this game. There are many benefits that could keep the body fit, physically and mentally actually. This game will actually benefit you socially too. Here are the many benefits to this game.

1. Playing racquetball actually burns so much fat.

 A 20-minute game will actually do wonders for your body. The exercise could actually be compared with running according to the U.S. Olympic training center. If you exercise for an hour then you actually exercised for two miles already. You will be burning about 600 and 800 calories while having fun! When you play it often, the game can actually help with your metabolism, thus decreasing your body fat. You will be able to maintain a healthy weight because of this.

 The game could be played with mere 20 minutes, and the least time it requires could actually burn so much fat just like running. You will be having fun and burning so much calories in little time.

2. Playing racquetball could strengthen your bones and muscles

Racquetball is actually reducing the weight, and at the same time, could make the bones and muscles strong. This will stop losing bone. The racquetball game could actually maintain muscle tone. Playing racquetball could actually develop many muscle groups such as the large and lower ones. This game could help you build alertness and strength. You will also be able to improve your coordination, balance, suppleness, agility, and explosiveness.  The racquetball actually benefits your whole body especially that you will be running around, hitting, and spiking the ball too.

3. Playing racquetball will increase your cardiovascular health

Racquetball actually benefits your heart because you will always be moving. The heart is the most important muscle in your body. When you play  racquetball in an hour then you will be like running for two miles. The game is competitive and actually fun. This sport is actually addictive because people reportedly go back to the court all the time. You will be doing aerobic and anaerobic benefits. This game could teach you endurance that will improve the body’s capacity in aerobics. The short and quick sprints will benefit the anaerobic.


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4. Playing racquetball could actually improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination

There are many skills that you will acquire in playing the game because you will be running across the courts, and you will be inclining low, so that you can hit the ball returning to you. This will actually improve your coordination because you will be combining muscles to actually move it. The muscles will also be exercised with its flexibility, and there’s a sense of balance in every execution you do, so that you will not trip or stumble. There will be many mishaps in your first game but the longer you play the game, your senses will be sharpened, and you will be acquiring many skills such as hand and eye coordination. You are actually executing many moves in this game, so your body’s muscles will be used.

5. Playing racquetball could actually improve your hand and eye coordination and mental agility

Not only the muscles that will actually improve when you are playing the game. There are also skills that will actually improve such as your hand and eye coordination and your mental agility. While playing the game, you will be forced to think fast but smartly in devising strategies while moving fast. The brain will be trained to think fast, training the muscles and neurons in the brain to coordinate in a fast manner under pressure. This will also improve your reflexes because it will train your brain and muscles together as well as your senses.

6. Playing racquetball is always fun with a challenge

Just like any other sport, racquetball is actually fun because it is also competitive. They say that the game is actually addicting because the players can’t get enough of it. This is actually some kind of sport that will lure you to go and run across the courts even if there’s a temptation to just sit on the couch.

 7. Playing racquetball could actually make you new friends

This game is not a one-man show because you will need friends to actually have fun and to experience it to the fullest. Through playing racquetball, you can actually form friendships. Even if they are your opponents, you will surely enjoy being around them because of the positive vibes that you exude to each other. This means that your social circle will actually grow. You will have so many fitness buddies that you cannot count them anymore when the time comes.

8. Playing racquetball could actually lower your stress levels and avoid other health risks

This is because playing racquetball will actually increase your endorphins. This will erase many stress building up in your mind because the mind is actually messy as it seems every day with the mundane routine that we go through. When you are playing in an intense match, you will stop thinking about your problems and actually start living in the moment. This will make you really happy.

 Playing racquetball could actually be a fun and could become a regular physical activity that will eliminate many health problems. These health risks are diabetes, obesity, and many others. Aside from eliminating health risks, playing racquetball will actually exercise your heart a lot.

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