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The Important Things to Learn About the Easton XL3

Easton XL3

Undoubtedly, the name Easton has been a part of the metal bat industry. It has been significantly recognized by everyone especially since it has achieved pioneer titles in a lot of things which includes the first titanium bats, scandium bats and the world’s first carbon core bats. The success of Easton is achieved with their unquestionable innovations over the past three decades.
With the amount of time that they have owned the center stage, they have inspired a lot of companies in the same industry to continuously improve their designs and increase the level of expertise and fervor to somehow reach the same peak of success which currently Easton have. This has created a very friendly competition in the business which does not only allow the companies to grow but also for the customer to be satisfied with the quality of the products they enjoy.
Easton, being a famous and most renowned company has also expanded its expertise and power. Here comes Easton XL3 which is now considered as one of the powerful members of Easton’s Powerful Brigade Series. This has powerful performance-enhancing features and innovations which includes the Torq, rotating handle. In addition to the powerful features that it offers are the Hyperlite Matrix Alloy, TCT Thermo Composite Technology and a lot more. This provides assurance to all buyers out there that regardless of the item you choose within the Power Brigade Series, it will definitely have the stash features that will definitely improve your performance and will help you develop your inner skill making you a threat to the opposing team.

Powerful Features of Easton XL3

• Torq
• Rotating handle
• Hyperlite Matrix Alloy
• TCT or Thermo Composite Technology

Sizes of Easton XL3

The latest XL3 Easton introduced this year 2016 is available in two sizes intended for senior league and another one intended for youth league version. The XL3 Power Brigade Series’ bat is engineered which has put into consideration the power hitters features. This XL3 aims to improve the power behind the batted ball and increases the distance in all the parts of the field. The end laded swing weight requires a power-hitting player since it would be very difficult to control especially through the strike zone. Easton XL3 is much recommended to those players who are power-hitters. However, for those players who have more balance and uses an approach of contact hitting to batting, the Easton S3 is more recommended for them.
As for the sizes which the Easton XL3 boasts, the senior league versions, which has the drop 5 and drop 8-model, one should consider the best fitting size to ensure the performance of the player. If the 5-leight-to-weight ratio is very heavy, the drop 8 model may be the ideal model for assurance of the player’s hitting performance. The XL3 also generates its power through the barrel design and is defined to have a very durable physique since it is engineered with alloy. The most notable quality of this XL3 is it has a trampoline effect on the balls even if it made of alloy. This will definitely result for a more powerful hitting point for the player. It also features Hyperskin Performance Grip on the handle to better control the bat during the actual swinging of the bat.
The youth version of XL3 bat is available in sizes that ranges from 29 to 31 inches and maintains the bat technologies which the senior league models use. The extra-long barrel design which the youth version of XL3 has is very ideal for younger players which aspire for the outside edge of the plate. This will definitely provide a young kid the needed power to cover the entire strike zone. This is definitely recommended for use during Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony and other major associations for young players.


• Well balanced
• Durable since it is made of Alloy
• Assure good hitting performance
• The hyperskin provides a comfortable and secure grip of the handle


• Dents might appear and Paints will be chipped due to prolonged use

The 2016 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat drop 5 is considered the heaviest version of the bat and packs the most power in every swing. It would be the excellent choice for you if you have the strong muscle to whip the bat since it will surely add distance to a team’s hitting. This Senior League Baseball Bat drop also meets the recommendations and standards of the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) of 2.625 inches. The 2016 Easton XL3 Senior League Baseball Bat drop 8 has the same appearance with the -5, they just vary with the length and weight ratio.

Customers Reviews

1. One customer rated this bat Five star. He stated; “The bat is well balanced and gives you a solid feel when hitting the ball. Highly recommended!”

2. John Carter said: “This bat lives to its reputation. Durable and gives you powerful hits. An excellent bat at a reasonable price.

3. Brian: The feels comfortable to handle and hits the ball solidly. But after 4 leagues, the paint of the bat chipped.


The Easton XL3 is best recommended for players and hitters who prefers a metal bat and has considerable miss-hits which can be comparable to wood. This is also recommended to those who prefer and has the ability to swing end loaded bats. Those who want to progress their home run and bomb dropping ability are also suggested to use this kind of bats. The Easton XL3 is not for those hitters who are more immune to two piece bats and prefers composite barrels. This bat is not for those players who need balance and are on a tight budget. The Easton XL3 bat is the best choice of bat for heavy hitting stick in the drop 5 game. This 2016 version is more durable than the 2014 and 2015 version of alloy. Choose Easton XL3 for the best hitting performance of your life.

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