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What is racquetball racquet?


Image Via Racquetball is a popular sport played by means of a wood or customized rackets and hollow rubber ball. It is the latest and rising ball game in United Kingdom.  Most of the time, racquetball is played indoor but you can actually play it outdoor. Different also to squash, there is no tin or […]

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How Hard Is It to String Racquets on Your Own?

Racquetball Racquet Stringing

Image via Are you wondering whether or not you can learn how to string a racquetball racquet on your own? I feel you. The strings of the racquet make all the difference to your performance. Failure to tense the racquetball racquet strings right will affect your game. Strings are all about having control and enhancing […]

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Softball: How to Play Like a Pro

How to Play Like a Pro

Team sports has always been popular back in the days and even at present. Somehow, individual players who are engaging in such activity find it both exciting and challenging all at the same time. Exciting in the sense that since there are a number of players, each team member is eager to show off their […]

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