Which Is the Best Racquetball Racquet for You

Beginner or pro, you still need the best racquetball racquet. Which features define the ideal one for you? Read our racquetball racquet reviews.


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You might have some experience or even be a pro in racquetball. But if you enter the court without the best racquetball racquet in your hands, your performance will be questioned. The racquet is one of the most important equipment for this game.

It should feel good in your hands and allow you to swing the ball without struggling. That’s why everything about it – from its weight to its grip – is essential. And that’s where our racquetball racquet reviews come handy.

We don’t only review 5 of the best racquetball racquet products on the market today, but also provide you with the information you need to choose the right racquet for you. So before you start swinging any racquet, take a look at how to choose the best racquetball racquet for older players or beginners.

What’s Racquetball?

Racquetball shares many characteristics with squash, but it’s an entirely different racquet sport. The basic differences lie on the racquet, court dimensions, and the overall game rules. The game of racquetball was born a decade later than squash.

Dreaming of a fast game, which would resemble tennis and handball, Joseph Sobek invented racquetball in 1949 by combining elements of the other two racquet sports.

The first racquetball racquets were made of wood and had an oval head shape with a hitting area of approximately 50-55 sq. in. They weighed more than 300 gr and had a length of 17-18 inches. Since then, racquetball racquets have come a long way! The racquetball racquet size and overall construction have been improved immensely.

Basic Rules of the Racquetball Game

  • Racquetball can be played by two individual opponents and in this case, it’s called singles. Should there are four players, it’s called doubles and there are two vs. two players. But the game can also be played by three people. In this case, it’s called cut-throat.
  • During each rally, one person serves and the opponent returns the ball.
  • The goal is to serve or return the ball so that the opponent person or team won’t keep the ball in play.
  • The ball must not bounce twice before you hit it or you lose. But it must bounce once before it hits the back wall.
  • You will also lose if the ball bounces before the short line or doesn’t bounce at all and flies to hit the back wall.
  • You score points as a server and must score 15 points. Professionals play to 11.
  • The rally is also over when there is a hinder, which is a foreign object landing in the court or a player blocking the other.

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Racquetball Racquet?

You can’t enter the racquetball court without the right gear. And besides comfortable shoes, eye guards, and definitely the ball, the most important gear is the racquet.

And the best racquetball racquet for you will be the perfect fit in your hands and of the right weight.

Since racquetball is a fast-paced game, you must have perfect control of the racquet. You must be able to maneuver and swing it without struggling to release energy or hurting your wrists.

Think of the racquet as the extension of your hand. It must feel good and meet certain requirements in accordance with your personal needs and body structure.

So the racquetball racquet size and weight must be ideal for you. Only then you will be able to play with ease and improve your performance in court. And that’s a pretty good reason for reading our racquetball racquet reviews.


Image via: https://www.shutterstock.com

Which Are the Main Features of Racquetball Racquets?

  • Head size

Today, the head of racquetball racquets is not oval. They come out in different shapes. The most popular ones have a teardrop shape. But there are also quadriform or rectangular ones. As for the racquetball racquet size of the head, there are big and small heads.

Their hitting area might range from 65 to 70 sq. in. or from 94 to 108 sq. in. As you have probably guessed, large heads have a bigger sweet spot but take away some of your control.

  • Weight

Weight is the most important feature of each racquetball racquet. And that’s because it will affect your performance in terms of your control and power. It will determine the extent of your ability to maneuver the racquet well.

Since people are built differently and not all have the same experience, racquetball racquets come in three different weights:

  1. Light: 150 – 164 gr
  2. Medium: 165 – 174 gr
  3. Heavy: 175 gr and more
  • Balance

The weight of the racquet affects its balance and in turn your ability to maneuver it. So you must pay attention to where the balance point on the racquet is. There are three options:

  1. Head heavy racquets: the weight of the racquet is concentrated on the top of the head and can help you enhance swing speed.
  2. Head light racquets: the weight is found closer to the handle increasing your ability to maneuver the racquet.
  3. Even balanced racquets: there is more weight in the middle of the racquet and that allows you to have better control and more power.
  • Length

Nowadays, the racquetball racquet dimensions are a bit different than their first counterparts. As an average, they are 19-22 inches long.

  • Frame/composition

Not all racquetball racquets are made of wood today. Most racquets today are made of metal and composites, like titanium and graphite. But these ones are a tad more expensive since they are more durable.

  • Strings

There are higher and lower tension strings. As an overall, the former allows more control due to the stiffer string bed. But the latter increases power since the string bed creates a spring effect.

In either case, keep in mind that racquets will eventually lose string tension. How will you know it? It won’t be as responsive as before and/or power will be decreased.

  • Grip/handle

There are big and small grips. Small grips allow you to increase power and swing the ball easier. But if the grip is too small, you might hurt your wrist. One way to enlarge a small grip is to add a wrap or tape.

If you plan to wear a glove (it’s common practice), measure the grip by wearing the glove. Grip sizes range from 3 5/8” and 3 7/8” to 3 11/16” 3 15/16”.

One tiny advice: Avoid round handles. Prefer rectangular ones. It will feel like holding on to a little box and you will know which way the racquet faces without looking at it. And that’s helpful.

How to Choose the Best Racquetball Racquet for You?

  • Playing style

What kind of a player are you? Do you rely on power, strategy, or both? Your playing style will define your choice in terms of racquetball racquet size & weight.

  1. Power players would need a rather large head size and heavy racquetball racquet.
  2. Strategy players would still need a big head size but medium weight
  • Swing speed

How fast are you when you swing the ball? Your swing speed determines which racquet to select.

  1. If you are a fast swing speed player, a lightweight racquet will be great for you
  2. If you have a slow swing speed, you will need a heavy racquet.
  3. If you are a player with an average swing speed, you should get a medium weight
  • Pro or hobbyist?

The level of your skill is also very important.

  1. Are you a beginner? If you are new to the game, you most likely have a slow swing speed. A racquetball racquet for beginner players should be heavy enough to generate power. You should also choose racquets with thick strings to avoid premature breakage.
  2. Are you a casual or intermediate player? Your best option is medium weight What you want at this phase is an increased response. Since your swing speed is most likely faster now than when you were a beginner, you won’t need a heavy racket. A medium weight one will give you the control, power, and balance you seek.
  3. Are you a pro? As a professional player, you already have a fast swing speed and power. Due to your experience, you don’t need the racquet to generate power. You already got it. The best racquetball racquet for older players is a lightweight one.
  • Price

Whether you are a beginner or pro, you need a good racquetball racquet for the money you pay. There is no doubt that the price range is wide. You can find expensive and cheap racquets on the market. But keep in mind that quality costs!

(Doesn’t it always?) So when it comes to racquetball racquet prices, consider whether or not you are serious about this sport. If you are interested in continuing playing, get a quality one – even if it’s worth a bit more. Don’t forget that your success in court but also wrist protection both depend on the racquet choice you make.

Which Brands Are the Best?

Head, Ektelon, E-Force, & Wilson are some of the best racquetball racquet brands. But since all parts of the racquet matter, you should consider some upgrades. For example, if you are interested in restringing upgrade, Python Racquetball makes great strings. If you want to add a vibration dampener, the Ektelon silencer is one of the most popular ones on the market.

Review of Products

1. Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

A great choice if you don’t want to spend too much money but still have a reliable racquet! Its head size is 103 sq. in. With 22 inches long, it’s actually Xlong. Unstrung it weighs 165 gr/ strung is 184 gr making it a light weight racquet. Its weight is concentrated on the top of the head. What makes it extra durable and thus long lasting is its composition. It’s made of titanium and graphite.

Head utilizes an innovative Intellifiber technology to increase power and decrease the possibility of bending during ball impact. So what you get as a player is higher response and greater power. This racquet is ideal for medium and fast swing speed players.

Its grip is comfortable with a 3 5/8” size. And you won’t need to wear gloves since it comes with a special wrap grip to help you get better control. It also has a good string pattern (16 main strings and 19 cross strings). The reduced vibrations increase control and power and decrease wrist injuries.


Things We Liked

    • Great racquet for casual players
    • Superb value for its money
    • Little vibration and thus great control

Things We Didn't Like

    • It doesn’t come with a cover
    • The strings are not of the best quality



2. HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack

If you need a racquetball racquet to get started, this is the best deal! Its practical teardrop head shape & 106.5 square inch size, the 3 5/8” grip, and its medium heavy weight (190 gr) make it the ideal racquetball racquet for beginner players.

What’s also great about it is that it comes in a pack of full gear for the game. It doesn’t only include the racquet, but also the protective eyewear and two racquet balls.

It’s 22 in long, the string is made of synthetic gut, and the grip of a synthetic wrap. What we loved about this racquet is that its main strings are longer and the cross ones are reduced to enhance power.

The company uses metallix technology for its construction making it super-strong. As for its price, we loved it and you will most likely love it too.



Things We Liked

    • It feels great
    • It’s durable – the protective glasses are strong too
    • Great value for money

Things We Didn't Like

    • The end of the strings are sharp
    • A rather small sweet spot


3. Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit

That’s a kit for beginners in the game! It includes an Ektelon racquet and two balls, and eye guards by Python Racquetball to get you started. And it comes at a very good price!

A vibration dampener is already fitted. In the set, you will find an Ektelon Lighting 195 ESP racquet, which weighs 200 gr. Its grip size is 3 5/8”.

It has great response and enables you to increase power. So it’s great for newbies but also for casual players too. This is a power level 1000 racquet. What this means is that it’s a good quality product for beginners.


Things We Liked

    • Excellent value racquetball racquet for the money you pay
    • A great set for a beginner

Things We Didn't Like

    • Not the best quality ever
    • Poor quality goggle strap



4. Ektelon Power Ring Freak SS Racquetball Racquet [Strung]

This product is one of the most special Ektelon racquetball racquets. It has great characteristics, which increase stability and power. It’s made of an aerolite alloy frame with F3/power line – a grooved beam in the inner part of the frame which increases power. It comes pre-strung.

Its weight unstrung is 195 gr. Its head size is 105 sq. in. What’s special about it is the ring (explaining its name) at the neck of the frame allowing the main strings to be longer and hence enhancing power. Its grip size is 3 5/8” and its length is 22 in.

It’s grommet-less to increase durability. But sometimes, this is not a good thing. If you don’t know what the grommet is, it’s the plastic component at the upper part of the racquet.

The strings go through it. So should the grommet wears, the strings will break prematurely.

Things We Liked

    • Exceptional racquet for its price
    • Great product for intermediate players

Things We Didn't Like

    • It doesn’t have a large sweet spot
    • Not extremely durable



5. Ektelon Power Fan Revenge Racquetball Racquet Pack

This is a great set and one of the most cost-effective racquetball racquet packs on the market. Its price is low. The frame is made of the durable aerolite allow with triple threat, which Ektelon is using for the construction of racquet frames.

It also includes two balls and safety approved protective eye guards. It has a super small grip size of 3 5/8” and unstrung it weighs 205 grams. The grip is made of synthetic materials and you can find it in red, white, and black.

Its power level is 1100 and hence it’s an excellent choice for beginners. Its string pattern is 16/18 and the head size 106 sq. in.





Things We Liked

    • Racquet and ball great value for the money
    • It’s a great racquet for beginner players

Things We Didn't Like

    • The goggles are poor quality and don’t fit over prescription glasses
    • The grip is not long lasting



Some last thoughts…

In our humble opinion, the best racquetball racquet among the above products is the Head i. 165. Its revolutionary technology, which eliminates wear with impact, allows you to keep it for years. Since it’s a head light racquet, it will enhance your control and power. And it’s also made of a very durable material. Such features are important to players, especially newbies.

But remember the purpose of our racquetball racquet reviews is to inform you about the features of some of the best products now available on the market but also pinpoint the features to look for when searching a new racquet for you.

So before you buy, make sure you check the grip size, head size/shape, and weight of racquetball racquets. The racquetball racquet dimensions, feel, and weight must be good for you. So use this info to evaluate which racquet you need by taking into consideration your personal build, experience, and playing style.

One more secret we like to share with you is that you can get a demo racquet. In other words, you can try out a racquet before you actually buy it. It’s smart to test your fatigue and performance after a full game and then decide if this is the best racquetball racquet for you. Happy swings!

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